DiscoveryOnstage Summer Acting Camp

Summer Acting Camp 2019

Providence High Arts, Laurel Hall School, and DiscoveryOnstage® partner to present a collaborative camp experience designed to engage students, grades K through 8, in the creative process From the Imagination Up®. Taking place across two dynamic campuses, this four-week theatre-centric exploration leads students through the process of creating an original musical alongside professional playwrights, choreographers, and composers. Featuring classes in acting, music, dance, stage combat, filmmaking, and visual art, students learn to contextualize technique in story and give shape to narrative through performance. Camp culminates with a series of fun-filled original plays.

June 15 – July 11, 2020
Laurel Hall School: 11919 Oxnard Street, North Hollywood
Providence: 511 S. Buena Vista Street, Burbank
Tuition: $1350 ($337.50/week)

Grades K-8 welcome!

Camp will take place Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 3:30pm for Providence and 8:30am – 3:00pm for Laurel Hall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Providence start on a Tuesday?

On the Providence campus, summer school begins on the same week that we begin camp. We begin camp on the Tuesday to avoid any conflicts with summer school’s day one orientation.

My young person does not have any acting experience. Can (s)he still particpate in camp?

Absolutely! Anyone, regardless of experience onstage, can participate in our Summer Acting Camp. The program teaches young people basic stage fundamentals, but there is no expectation for anyone to be a professional prior to registering. In fact, if your young person has never set foot on a stage, we encourage them to take part!

What does a day for a camper look like?

Every day, our campers congregate in our general meeting area, where we warm up for the day and make any announcements. Afterwards, campers, accompanied by their classroom assistants all day, rotate through a series of our core classes: Dance, Singing/Songwriting, Stage Combat, Filmmaking, and Visual Art. Campers then meet with their acting instructors, who teach them basic acting fundamentals, go through their scripts for their final performance, and block and direct them once they have their scripts.

We have at least two nutrition breaks throughout the day as well as a designated lunch period. On certain days, we hold special events for our campers, such as the DO Carnival, the Talent Show, and airings of our camper-made DO Show.

Will my camper have lunch/snacks provided?

We ask that you have your camper bring their own snacks and lunch. For our Providence campus, we do have a lunch line open with lunch for purchase, as well as vending machines that your campers may use to purchase snacks. For our Laurel Hall campus, there is no lunch line, but we have a small snack shop open in case your camper does not have a snack for the day. Every Friday, we hold pizza sales, where campers can order pizza for lunch. For special events such as the carnival, we also provide snacks such as popcorn, snow cones, ice cream, and cotton candy for our campers.

I have two kids, but one would be at Laurel Hall and the other would be at Providence. Are there any accommodations for this?

We have purposely offset the start times for each camp to account for families that may have siblings at separate campuses, so you would be able to drop off your camper at Providence and still make it on time at Laurel Hall, as well as the same for pick up.

If, for any reason, transportation between campuses is an issue, DiscoveryOnstage is partnered with Zum, a rideshare program designed specifically for children. We had a great experience with Zum last summer, so we’re in talks for providing their services for this summer as well.

My camper has friends signing up with him/her; may I request that they be grouped together?

DiscoveryOnstage holds the right to decide on group assignments as needed. That being said, we do our best to accommodate to any requests, making sure that your camper gets to spend their summer with their friends. We ask for patience in the first week of camp as we finalize group assignments, but we’re happy to take any requests for groups.

What do I do if I can’t pick up right at 3/3:30?

That’s okay! DiscoveryOnstage provides complimentary after-care until 5:00pm. If you require accommodations past 5:00, please contact us beforehand so we can make the necessary preparations.

Can I get someone other than a parent/guardian to pick up my camper?

Absolutely! When registering, we ask that you provide a list of emergency contacts, which would include older siblings, grandparents, aunts/uncles, close family friends, and babysitters. While the registration form only holds two emergency contacts, if you would like us to put more on file, please contact us and let us know so we know who will be picking up on certain days.

Are there payments plans available?

DiscoveryOnstage has several payment plans available for your convenience. While most of them are monthly auto-pay options, we also provide a “Pay As You Go” option. When selecting payment options, select “1 installment”. After paying the initial security deposit, you can make payments at any time by logging into your Active Network account.

I really want to participate in camp, but I don’t think I can afford it.

That’s okay! For families in need of financial assistance, we provide scholarship awards based on financial need, stemming from $150 to half off of your entire camp tuition. For more details on our financial aid scholarships, please email us at

My camper would be too old for camp—can they still participate?

For anyone graduating 8th grade or moving into high school, we have a special program called NextStage! Designed specifically for high schoolers looking for the traditional DiscoveryOnstage experience, NextStage takes the summer camp model and fuses it with the experience of working with a repertory theatre, producing and taking part in a full length production. More info will be available soon, so stay tuned for more news on NextStage!