Camps & Classes

DiscoveryOnstage provides year-round classes for young people of all ages and experience levels to explore various disciplines within the arts. Unlike the programs and curriculum the company offers in residence, DiscoveryOnstage hones in on specialized, specific areas of performance and artistic expression, all promoting and celebrating originality and entertaining the unimaginable.

In additon to the year-round curriculum that the company provides for various schools in the Los Angeles Area, DiscoveryOnstage currently offers four unique programs: The annual Summer Acting Camp, NextStage, The Young Actors’ Lab, and Through the Lens.


Facing a new challenge in the midst of the lockdown, Storycrafters is DiscoveryOnstage’s answer to providing young people with the opportunity to take part in a creative exploration while remaining within the safety of their homes. Through structured assignments and twice weekly virtual meetings, DO’ers will collaborate with their Director, Writer and Graphic Designer to create a one-of-a-kind audio/visual storybook, using the craft of acting, vocal production and personal character-driven artwork and story boards.

Summer Acting Camp


Providence High Arts, Laurel Hall School, and DiscoveryOnstage® partner to present a collaborative camp experience designed to engage students, grades K through 8, in the creative process From the Imagination Up. Taking place across two dynamic campuses, this four-week theatre-centric exploration leads students through the process of creating an original musical alongside professional playwrights, choreographers, and composers. Featuring classes in acting, music, dance, stage combat, filmmaking, and visual art, students learn to contextualize technique in story and give shape to narrative through performance. Camp culminates with a series of fun-filled original plays presented in the Providence High Arts theatre.



As a summer stock extension of  the Providence High Arts annual season of productions, this audition-only opportunity offers advanced-level actors and technicians, ages 14-18,  the chance to take their artistry to the next level. Working from a published comedy and under the guidance of a professional director, students will refine performance while participating in a three-week, equity-style rehearsal process. Students will also design and build their own set, plot and hang their own lights, compose and record their own music and sound effects, and market their show to the public. Once ready, students will perform their production From the Imagination Up for community in the Providence High Arts theatre.

DO at Laurel Hall

DiscoveryOnstage is partnered with Laurel Hall School in North Hollywood, providing a day to day theater curriculum for Laurel Hall students and assisting in the creation of the Laurel Hall theatrical productions. In addition to the regular performing arts curriculum and productions, DiscoveryOnstage also hosts one of its annual summer acting camps on campus in partnership with the Laurel Hall Summer Adventures.

Young Actor’s Lab

DiscoveryOnstage, in residency at Providence High Arts, presents the Young Actor’s Lab. This exciting and inspiring thirteen week journey engages the mind, body, and soul in the process of creating character From the Imagination Up. Led by a team of DiscoveryOnstage master instructors, students will explore the fundamentals of acting and improvisation, then conceive, develop, and perform in their own original scenes.

Acting for the Camera
Scene Study/Audition Technique
Youth & Adult Classes for Serious Actors

Through the Lens Acting for the Camera Classes provide weekly opportunity for serious actors, YOUTH and ADULT, to cultivate the physical, vocal, and emotional skills necessary for success in the film and television industry. Within each class, students will explore technique, analyze script, perfect rehearsal process and prepare to shoot. Every 8 to 12 weeks, students will perform scenes on-camera to be edited by the Through the Lens post-production team and then presented in class for feedback the following week. Along the way, students will develop a unique and effective approach to the work that serves them both inside the audition room and on-set.
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