From the Imagination Up
and what it means to us

From the Imagination Up is a roadmap for the journey we pledge to take alongside every participant no matter the program.

It acknowledges the all-important starting point – Imagination – our bedrock… that trustworthy and dependable foundation full of ideas, energy and inspiration from which to begin. And it implies personal and professional progression on the part of the journey taker – Up – an expected outcome as we engage together in the creative process. It is our belief that every human being regardless of age or experience has the power to imagine, the sense to strategize and the will to DO and it is our job at DiscoveryOnstage to make sure that all who choose to join us come to believe that too.

Our Process

IMG_5616Each DiscoveryOnstage program revolves around a core curriculum that includes three acts of emergent artistry – Discovering the Authentic Self, Imagining Fresh Approaches and Inspiring Creative Action. Within each Act, participants, regardless of age, experience an integration of methods – engaging all of the senses, connecting acts of thinking with doing, and developing competencies to facilitate personal and collaborative innovation and creativity.

DiscoveryOnstage offers a highly active and interactive learning experience unique to the theatre, charged by the presenting energy of participants, real-world context and the yearning for personal and collective authenticity and rediscovery of the creative self.  

Scaled to the objectives of participants and sponsorship organizations, DiscoveryOnstage programs are designed to produce actionable outcome resulting in individual evolution no matter the chooser’s path.

If you would like DiscoveryOnstage to customize a program for you and your organization, contact us at or call us at 818.795.2013.