About DiscoveryOnstage

Founded in 2006, DiscoveryOnstage is an organization that creates, develops, promotes and maintains unique arts-based education programming designed to encourage personal and professional growth by way of the imagination. Whether designing a more dynamic curriculum, producing a more impactful season of events, or devising a more evocative and effective brand strategy, DiscoveryOnstage engages in a one-of-a-kind creative process that celebrates originality and entertains the unimaginable.


To create, develop and promote unique arts-based education programming on behalf of individuals, schools, businesses and communities committed to personal and professional growth by way of the imagination.


We are committed to the idea that human evolution begins with the imagination. We envision a world where, through an imaginative process,  every person will learn to access tools necessary to discover the authentic self, imagine fresh approaches to personal and professional challenges and inspire creative action.  Through this process, we will develop a more open, capable, empathetic and dimensional citizenry.


  • Ensure Client/Student Safety and Security
  • Champion the Individual
  • Uphold Primacy of Imagination
  • Engender Trust through Communication
  • Encourage Collaborative Spirit

Our Story

about-historyWhile working as professional actors and acting teachers for a combined twenty years, Jeremy Kent Jackson and Dominic Catrambone came together in late 2006 with an idea.  That idea was to pool their knowledge and resources to form a unique youth-oriented theatre company that would offer Southern California a different kind of theatrical education — DiscoveryOnstage.  The principles behind it?  To provide young people with a nurturing workshop environment in which to develop their own theatrical ideas and to provide the artistic training, skills, and opportunities necessary for translating their original creations into one of a kind onstage performances in front of family, friends, and community. Having worked with many theatre companies and educational organizations in the past, Jeremy and Dominic felt that there was room in the arts community for a place that focused specifically on student conceived, written, and performed projects.  They believe that by building something from the imagination up, young people will develop life skills that will become invaluable and everlasting.

Since the inception of DiscoveryOnstage, the company has served as the exclusive theatrical educator for the Monrovia Unified School District’s Village After School Program; has developed a curriculum based, year-round drama elective program for Alex Pilibos High School in Los Angeles; has produced two successful summer acting camps in the city of Monrovia; has provided day-long Shakespeare and sword combat workshops to schools in the Pasadena area including The Chandler School; and produced an original, student-created charity performance involving young people of all ages for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life Event.  DiscoveryOnstage is also in the process of developing a curriculum based performance piece to be presented as a field trip show for local schools by both professional and student actors and has recently opened ‘DiscoveryOnstage Corporate’ serving companies nationwide in their search for more creative options in employee training and continuing education.